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Fly between Manhattan and any of the major local airports. JFK, LaGuardia, Newark, Teterboro, and White Plains are all just minutes away from the Manhattan helipads on E 34th Street, W 30th Street, and Wall Street.

HeliFlite Helicopter Transfer Service NYC

Airport Transfer Service

No time for traffic? Book with HeliFlite and skip the crowded streets and tunnels. 24/7 service to the city’s local airports.

Traveling between the city and JFK, LGA, or Newark can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially depending on the time of day. HeliFlite offers airport transfer flights that can get you from the city to John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), LaGuardia Airport (LGA), Newark (EWR), Teterboro (TEB), and White Plains (HPN) quickly, and on your schedule. You could go from traveling hours to catch your flight to arriving at the airport in just minutes. Whether you’re looking to save time or simply enjoy a unique experience, traveling to the airport via helicopter is a great option to make the best of your day.

New York Metro Airports

Helicopter transfer Teterboro by HeliFlite helicopter charters

Teterboro Helicopter Transfer 

While only 12 miles from midtown, traveling to Teterboro can easily take over an hour by car. Catch a ride with HeliFlite, and be in Teterboro after a short flight. We will pick you up from one of three Manhattan heliports and get you directly to your private jet so you can be in the air as quickly as possible.

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Helicopter transfer service to Whiteplains

White Plains Helicopter Transfer

Located 30 miles north of New York City, Westchester County Airport offers flights to local destinations as well as key hubs, making it possible for passengers to reach global destinations. Whether you are traveling to White Plains to catch a flight to Martha’s Vineyard or if you are connecting to a major hub for your international flight, HeliFlite can get you there without the everyday frustrations of traffic and the commute.

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JFK airport transfer service

Helicopter Transfer JFK

Traveling from Manhattan to JFK by car or public transportation will often take over an hour. We all know the frustrations of being caught in traffic on the Van Wyck or navigating the expressway tunnel. With HeliFlite, we can help you avoid this frustration and have you at the airport in less than 10 minutes! Save time and book your helicopter transfer service to JFK today.

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LGA Helicopter transfers

Helicopter Transfer LaGuardia (LGA)

With HeliFlite’s airport transfer service, you can take a late meeting and still have time to catch your flight without needing to worry about the traffic on the Triborough Bridge. We can have you to LaGuardia after just a short flight of fewer than 10 minutes from Manhattan.

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Newark helicopter transfer service

Newark Helicopter Transfer 

We have you covered if you need to get to Newark to catch your flight. Newark is one of the major airports serving the New York metropolitan region. HeliFlite can help you avoid traffic and congestion on the Pulaski Skyway and have you to Newark from Manhattan after a flight time of fewer than 10 minutes.

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Transfers to Manhattan

If you have a flight arriving in the New York area, HeliFlite can pick you up and get you to one of three heliports in Manhattan within minutes. If you’re flying private into Teterboro or Westchester, we will track your flight and coordinate with your team to ensure we are there waiting when you land to get you back in the air and into the city as quickly as possible. If you’re flying commercial, into JFK, LaGuardia, or Newark we will track your flight and be waiting for you at the GAT (General Aviation Terminal) to escort you to your helicopter and get you into the city.

On Demand Helicopter Charters

Booking your transfer service with HeliFlite is quick and easy. Fill out the form below or call today to speak to one of our FAA-certified schedulers to arrange your flight and coordinate other details such as ground transportation and in-flight amenities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does HeliFlite fly?

HeliFlite currently flies between any of New York’s 3 heliports to JFK, LGA, Newark, Teterboro,  White Plains, and many other smaller regional airports throughout the Metro area. We also offer transfer flights between airports to help you catch your connecting flight. Unlike other helicopter charter services, HeliFlite does not fly on a specific schedule nor do we provide a by the seat service. We are available 24/7/365 to accommodate your schedule and in the privacy of our executive, cabin class, twin-engine aircraft.

How much luggage can I bring on a helicopter?

The amount of luggage you and your companions can bring is determined by several factors, including the number of passengers. A flight coordinator will be able to tell you how much luggage you can bring when you book your charter. If golf bags are an issue, our baggage compartment can accommodate up to six sets of clubs.

How many other people will be on the same helicopter?

With HeliFlite, you will enjoy a private cabin with no other passengers aside from your family, friends, or associates. You and your travel companions will enjoy a quiet, comfortable cabin with plush leather seats built for exceptional comfort. Many of our helicopters can seat up to 8 passengers comfortably.

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Booking a helicopter to JFK – How does it work?

You can book your transfer service by speaking to one of our FAA-certified flight coordinators. They will collect information about your flight, suggest a heliport/airport closest to your pick-up location, and provide you with a departure time. We will also work with you to book ground transportation or any other special requests to make your flight an enjoyable one. After a short flight from Midtown to JFK, our pilot will escort you from the helicopter to your waiting ground transportation which will take you directly to your departing terminal. 

What is the HeliCard Program?

HeliCard membership allows you to purchase pre-paid flight time at a locked-in, lower cost per hour rate that provides guaranteed availability. The HeliCard allows you to have a helicopter on standby, ready to take you wherever you need to be. And now you can experience the benefits of our HeliCard program with an Introductory HeliCard Program for New Clients. Our customized programs offer a better alternative to air travel. If you want to avoid the crowds, never-ending security lines, fighting traffic, frequent delays, and hundreds of other inconveniences that come with commercial flight travel, contact us today.

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Helicopter Transfer Service with HeliFlite

Not seeing your preferred airport listed? No problem! Contact us today so we can work on a private helicopter charter to get you where you need to go with an exceptional level of service, and flexibility.

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