The higher standard

for New Clients

Enjoy the freedom of flexibility with our customized programs for new clients, designed specifically for you or your corporation. Whether you’re a regular commuter or occasional flier, we have a program to suit you.

Experience The Higher Standard without a long-term commitment and get where you need to be, when you need to be there, feeling refreshed having traveled in privacy and comfort. HeliFlite offers the largest selection of twin-engine, dual-piloted aircraft on the Eastern Seaboard

Your time is too valuable. Make every minute count with guaranteed availability.

On-demand charter

On-demand charter

For the occasional or first-time helicopter user, HeliFlite offers on-demand charter. With the largest selection of twin-engine, cabin-class helicopters on the East Coast, and the only company that offers the Leonardo AW139 for charter; HeliFlite has the right aircraft to meet your needs.

Twin-engine and dual-pilot flights

Highly trained crewmembers with experience flying in NYC airspace

Dedicated flight operations team available 24/7

State of the art flight planning software



Our most popular program, the HeliCard™, is convenient and gives you immediate access to scheduling your next flight.  Not sure if helicopter transportation is the right fit for you? Enjoy HeliFlite’s Introductory Program with little commitment and low cost while experiencing the freedom of flexibility and guaranteed availability.  With as little as 5 occupied hours at the low cost of $39,750 you can immediately begin to enjoy the benefits of helicopter transportation, while locking in rates without price changes linked to seasonality. HeliFlite has been serving the Northeast, South Florida, and destinations along the eastern seaboard for over 25 years.

Purchase prepaid flight time

Lock in rates for the term of your agreement

Get immediate access to your flight

Get airborne!

Corporate program ™

Corporate program ™

We have innovative solutions that maintain responsiveness, flexibility, and confidentiality to satisfy the needs of your executives while lowering operating costs for the company. For businesses of all sizes, helicopter travel provides unique advantages – from point-to-point travel and guaranteed availability to a few more productive hours in your already busy day.

Access to a variety of executive cabin class helicopters

Dual piloted and twin turbine engine reliability

Simultaneous usage of multiple aircraft

Scheduling with FAA licensed dispatchers, 24/7

Please email to have your tailored HeliFlite program designed