Helicopter Programs

Whether you’re a regular commuter or occasional vacationer, we have a program to suit you.

We take the hassle out of booking, so you can sit back and enjoy the flight.

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Helicopter On-demand charter

For the occasional or first-time helicopter user, HeliFlite offers on-demand Helicopter charter services.

Because we have a fleet of aircraft operating throughout the Northeast, we can provide charter services with very little notice.

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For more frequent travelers, the HeliCard™ offers an attractive option.

Our clients enjoy a guaranteed availability at a lower cost per hour.

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Corporate program

Flight department or corporation looking to reduce capital expenditures and operating costs?

We have innovative solutions for you while still maintaining the responsiveness, flexibility and confidentiality to satisfy the needs of your executives.

Airport Transfers

Need a quick and efficient way to get to and from NYC and the airport?

We offer helicopter transfers to and from three heliports in Manhattan to the local airports so you can avoid the frustrations of traffic.

Preventative helicopter maintenance

Aircraft management

Whether you own a helicopter or plan to purchase one, HeliFlite can manage it for you.

We’ll take care of everything for you – from pilots and maintenance technicians to hangar space and insurance, all you need to do is call us when you’re ready to go.

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The Benefits of Private Helicopter Charter Services

Whether you are a business executive looking for a way to make your day more efficient and productive, or you are looking for a way to be able to enjoy more time on the islands with your family, a private helicopter charter may be the way to go. Helicopters are a versatile and highly flexible mode of travel that can be employed for business or leisure transportation from airports to casinos, golf courses, special events, or your vacation home. Private helicopter charters provide a level of freedom not seen in jet travel, with the most prominent benefit being point-to-point flying. This makes helicopter charters one of the most flexible and suitable aircraft types for travel to remote, crowded, or otherwise difficult-to-reach destinations. Executives searching for information about private helicopter charter services will find that this type of travel can be a great way to save time and increase productivity.

Why Choose HeliFlite?

When you schedule a flight with HeliFlite, you are choosing a company with over 25 years of expertise. Our fleet of twin-engine, dual piloted aircraft can comfortably seat up to nine passengers and can be ready to fly on-demand. Each time you board one of our luxury helicopters, you can be certain that our highly trained pilots will make the best decisions to ensure a safe, comfortable flight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can helicopters takeoff and land?

Helicopters are one of the most versatile aircraft for traveling to isolated, busy, or otherwise difficult-to-reach sites. They can travel point-to-point with the ability to land at helipads, golf courses, and even private homes. Certain considerations need to be taken based on the destination and landing type; however, our pilots have extensive flying experience and will make sure all necessary planning and precautions are taken to accommodate a safe trip. Contact one of our charter planning specialists today to plan your next trip.

How much luggage can I bring on a helicopter?

The amount of luggage that you and your companions can bring will depend on a variety of factors such as the number of passengers. When scheduling your charter, a flight coordinator will be able to inform you how much luggage you will be able to bring. If golf bags are a consideration, our baggage compartment can hold up to 6 sets of clubs.

How many passengers can travel in a helicopter?

HeliFlite offers the largest selection of twin-engine, dual piloted helicopters on the east coast, so we’re sure to be able to find a solution that fits your needs. We primarily pilot Sikorsky’s S-76 and the Leonardo AW139 but also theAirbus H145. HeliFlite is the only operator on the east coast to offer the spacious passenger cabins of the AW139 for private charter seating up to 9 passengers.

How do I book a helicopter charter?

Booking a helicopter charter with HeliFlite couldn’t be easier! Fill out the get in touch form below, and one of our FAA-certified schedulers will contact you to arrange your flight and coordinate any other details such as ground transportation, in-flight amenities, and can even provide recommendations on the best landing locations.

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