The Agusta AW139

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Step into a world of refined elegance and seamless travel with our flagship aircraft, the Agusta AW139. With an impressive lineage marked by steadfast reliability and superior performance, the AW139 has distinguished itself as a benchmark in helicopter transportation. Its powerful twin-turbine engine and streamlined upright body design ensure a tranquil and smooth flight, providing passengers with an unmatched travel experience.

Agusta AW139 In flight
At HeliFlite, we take great pride in our fleet of Agusta AW139s. Chartering the AW139 is not merely about securing a means of transport — it’s about reclaiming your time and making the ultimate choice for your travel needs. The AW139 effortlessly reduces travel time, offering an unparalleled ‘door-to-door’ service. We invite you to soar the skies with us, experiencing the exceptional safety record and enduring legacy synonymous with this aircraft. Your journey towards luxury, exclusivity, and safety begins with HeliFlite and the Agusta AW139.

Step into Luxury with the AW139

Each seat of the AW139 is designed for supreme comfort, with ample legroom and an ergonomic design. The standard cabin configuration features four aft-facing chairs and two forward-facing captain’s chairs, allowing passengers to enjoy their journey in a relaxed, comfortable setting. If more seating is needed, an additional three seats are able to be added to transport a total of 9 passengers.

Our AW139s are also equipped with advanced noise-cancellation technology and vibration absorbers. These features ensure a comfortable flight experience, with the roar of the engines and the hum of the rotors barely audible within the cabin.

For HeliCard holders or charter clients, the AW139 offers not just an exceptional mode of transport but also a whole experience. Whether it’s a short hop between airports or a long-range flight from Manhattan to the Hudson Valley, the AW139 ensures that every journey is as remarkable as the destination.

AW139 Interor Seats

Agusta AW139 Amenities

The cabin interiors of the AW139 are carefully crafted to embody elegance, luxury, and exceptional service. The space is not only pleasing to the eye but also incredibly functional. With ample legroom, generous ceiling height, and excellent visibility, the AW139 can comfortably seat up to 9 passengers, making it a perfect choice for corporate travel. To further enhance convenience, HeliFlite equips its AW139s with electric boarding steps and hinged doors, ensuring effortless embarking and disembarking.

Behind the cabin is a spacious baggage compartment that can easily accommodate everyone’s luggage (4-5 golf bags included). Externally, the AW139 never fails to impress with its streamlined fuselage, reaching remarkable speeds of up to 190 mph and a range exceeding 600 miles.

Safety in Focus

Safety is paramount in the Agusta AW139. The AW139 sets the bar for intermediate helicopters for cabin flexibility, speed, comfort, and safety measures. A masterpiece of modern craftsmanship blended with cutting-edge technology, the AW139 redefines flying. It is engineered to exceed the most stringent regulatory standards. The AW139 boasts a state-of-the-art avionics suite and mission systems designed to reduce pilot workload and enhance operational efficiency, while the float system provides additional security for over water flights. Furthermore, its incredibly low noise and vibration levels provide an additional layer of safety by reducing passenger and crew fatigue. All these features work together, ensuring that every journey in the AW139 is as safe as it is luxurious and efficient.


9 passengers


54′ 8″


16′ 4″

Max Speed

190 mph


659 mi

Gross Weight

14,100 lbs

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