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Helicopter to Nantucket – 3 reasons to charter a private helicopter

Avoid the crowds and travel in style. HeliFlite is standing by for your charter flight to Nantucket.

A family taking a private helicopter charter to Nantucket from NYC

First, a private helicopter is the fastest way to get to Nantucket. A private flight from metro New York takes under 80 minutes, and you can avoid the traffic, commercial airport procedures, and congestion at the ferry terminal.

Helicopter to Nantucket

Second, a private helicopter charter gives you the flexibility to come and go as you please. If you want to stay for a week or just a weekend, you can make the trip work for your schedule.

Aerial view of Nantucket from a helicopter

Third, chartering a private helicopter is an experience you’ll never forget. Soaring over the ocean and getting a bird’s eye view of the island is an unforgettable way to travel.

Nantucket is a beautiful island located off the coast of Massachusetts. Known for its stunning beaches, charming shops, lively arts scene, and delicious seafood Nantucket has plenty to offer for a week’s vacation or a long weekend. But for all its charm, Nantucket can be very difficult to get to when traveling by ferry or commercial flight. Preserve your time and experience more of what Nantucket has to offer with a private helicopter charter from HeliFlite.

Traveling from metro New York to Nantucket can be exhausting and very frustrating. You could take a ferry from Cape Cod or catch a commercial flight, but in both cases, you will be waiting for hours at the airport or aboard the ferry. Once you arrive, you’ll have to fight the crowd off the plane or ship and through the airport or ferry terminal before getting to enjoy the island. Let HeliFlite alleviate the frustration of travel planning.

If you’re looking for a unique and unforgettable summer vacation, chartering a private helicopter to experience Nantucket is the way to go. You’ll avoid the crowds, enjoy flexibility and convenience, and experience the thrill of flying in helicopter. Contact us when you’re ready to book your charter.

Madaket Beach in Nantucket

Teterboro to Nantucket – 80 minutes flying time
Westchester County to Nantucket – 75 minutes flying time
Boston Logan to Nantucket – 40 minutes flying time
Hanscom Field to Nantucket – 45 minutes flying time
Cape Cod to Nantucket – 15 minutes flying time

When you book with HeliFlite, we will quickly get you from your point of departure to Nantucket, so you’ll have more time to relax and enjoy the island.

About your helicopter charter to Nantucket

New York City to Nantucket: HeliFlite can pick you up from E 34th Street, W 30th Street, or Wall Street in Manhattan to begin your journey to Nantucket. We will land at Nantucket Memorial Airport (ACK) after a brief 80-minute flight. We can assist with setting up your ground transportation to get you and your traveling companions where you need to go after we land.

We also fly from other heliports in the metro NY area, such as Teterboro and Whiteplains. If you have questions about where we can pick you up, get in touch with us below.

Boston to Nantucket: Fly from either Boston Logan International airport or Hanscom Field to Nantucket Memorial Airport in just under 45 minutes of flight time. With HeliFlite, you will travel comfortably in our executive class cabins – you can even bring your pet!

Cape Cod to Nantucket: There’s no more efficient way to travel from Cape Cod to Nantucket than via helicopter. Catching the ferry can easily take over 2 hours after you get your ticket and wait for the departure. When you choose to travel from the Barnstable airport to Nantucket Memorial Airport, your flight time will be less than 15 minutes.

Reasons we love Nantucket

Known for its lighthouses, whaling museum, and 110 miles of beautiful coastline, Nantucket offers numerous things to keep you busy during your trip. You’ll have multiple beaches to explore and other seasonal events such as the July 4th Main Street Water Fight, Daffodil Weekend, and Boston Pops on Nantucket.

HeliFlite’s suggestions on how to spend a day in Nantucket:

When you are prepared to book your flight to Nantucket, get in touch with us or use our brand-new online booking tool to request your charter. For a list of more destinations we fly to, click here.

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