Helicopter Safety

HeliFlite’s primary responsibility is ensuring the safety of you and your passengers.

Our safety culture is derived from a Safety Management System that is an organization-wide, comprehensive, and preventive approach to managing safety.

It includes a safety policy, formal methods for identifying hazards and mitigating risk, and provides assurance of HeliFlite’s overall safety performance.

In addition, the company undergoes regular audits by leading aviation safety firms ARG/US International Inc. and Wyvern, as well as independent auditors.

HeliFlite holds the prestigious ARG/US and Wyvern Wingman ratings. These ratings are awarded to those operators who, after completion of an intense operations, maintenance, and safety systems audit by accredited industry experts, have demonstrated that their procedures meet or exceed industry best practices in all phases.

What does an ARG/US Rating mean for you?

As an ARG/US rated operator we’re continually monitored for safety and training.

An ARG/US rating requires a functioning Safety Management System, and clear and workable Emergency Response Plan, and appropriate written standards, implementation, and records for all major aspects of Operations and Maintenance within a company.

What does Wyvern Wingman mean for you?

Wyvern is an independent company that ensures operators, worldwide, are applying best practices. At its highest level of rating, Wyvern offers the Wingman certification.

When you fly with HeliFlite, a Wyvern Wingman Operator, you know that you have chosen an operator who has gone the extra mile in safety and quality.

Operators at this level must follow specific methods that reflect the latest and best safety practices. The Wyvern Wingman is only received by aircraft operators who have been audited against Wyvern’s highest audit standards.

With over 55,000 hours of accident-free operation in our 25 year history, we choose to only fly twin engine aircraft and always with two pilots.

Our clients, their families, and those in charge of their security wholeheartedly agree.

For us, there is no compromise

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