On-demand Helicopter Charter

For the occasional or first-time helicopter user, HeliFlite offers on-demand charter. With a fleet of aircraft operating throughout the Northeast, we can provide charter services with very little notice, using the largest selection of twin engine, cabin-class helicopters on the East Coast, and the only company that offers the Leonardo AW139 for charter.

We always have a crew on standby for those last-minute trips and our FAA licensed dispatchers are available to assist with the logistics and scheduling of your flight. We’ll get you where you need to be, when you need to be there.

There, just when you need it

HeliFlite is your helicopter charter specialist, no matter what your travel requires. We have the right aircraft to meet your needs. All twin engine and dual pilot missions, safety is our top priority.

Our dedicated flight operations team is available 24/7 and is dedicated to serving you. You can expect exceptional communication, attention to detail, logistical planning; and when the need arises, up to date weather information from our FAA licensed dispatchers.

Our highly trained crewmembers, many with military backgrounds, have thousands of hours of flight time and experience flying in NYC airspace.

Spotless record

Chartering with HeliFlite means flying with a company that has over 25 years of experience, a team of dedicated safety professionals, and an exceptional customer service experience.

HeliFlite boasts a perfect safety record since its inception; no accidents, no incidents, no FAA notices or corrective action from any flights.

HeliFlite is the higher standard.

Not sure if HeliFlite is the best option for a particular trip?

Speak to one of our flight coordinators about your travel plans. It’s as simple as letting us know where you need to go and from what departure location.

Our state-of-the-art, all digital, flight planning software will analyze the closest landing location to your destination and provide the right solution for your travel needs. Often, you can leave from a departure point near your home or office so you’ll spend less time traveling.

Twin-engine and dual-pilot flights
Dedicated flight operations team available 24/7
State of the art flight planning software

HeliFlite can get you where you need to be, when you need to be there.

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