The HeliCard Program: An Alternative to On Demand Helicopter Charters

June 14, 2024

Are you tired of the hassles and unpredictability of traditional travel methods? Imagine a world where you can bypass traffic, crowded waiting areas, and preset flight times and enjoy the luxury and convenience of private helicopter travel. Whether you’re a frequent flier or a first-time user, HeliFlite offers two exceptional solutions: the HeliCard™ program and on-demand helicopter charters. Below we will showcase why the HeliCard™ may be the perfect fit for your personal or business travel needs.

The HeliCard Program: An Overview

HeliFlite’s HeliCard™ program offers guaranteed availability at a lower cost per hour, making the HeliCard an ideal solution for both regular and occasional flyers. Whether for personal or business needs, the HeliCard™ can be customized to suit your requirements.

If you’re tired of traffic, crowded waiting areas, preset flight times, and the stress of punctuality, the HeliCard™ offers a seamless, easy alternative. With a variety of executive cabin classes and twin-engine, dual-pilot helicopters to choose from, you can enjoy peace of mind, guaranteed availability, lower costs per hour, and exceptional service. The HeliCard™ provides 24/7 access to our dedicated flight operations team, ensuring exceptional communication, attention to detail, and logistical planning by FAA-licensed dispatchers and highly trained crew members with extensive flight experience in NYC airspace.


On Demand Helicopter Charters

HeliFlite offers on-demand charters for the occasional or first-time helicopter user. Operating throughout the Northeast and Florida, our fleet provides charter services with minimal notice. We boast the largest selection of twin-engine, cabin-class helicopters on the East Coast and are the only company offering the Leonardo AW139 for charter.

As your helicopter charter specialists, we cater to all travel requirements with a focus on safety through twin-engine and dual-pilot missions. Available 24/7, our dedicated flight operations team delivers exceptional communication, attention to detail, and logistical planning backed by up-to-date weather information from our dispatchers. 

Individual helicopter charters are typically arranged on a per-trip basis. Passengers book their flights as needed. While this option offers flexibility, it can also come with differing costs based on peak times and limited availability.

Comparing the HeliCard Program to On Demand Charters

For frequent travelers seeking a seamless, luxurious, and cost-effective helicopter travel experience, the HeliCard Program by HeliFlite stands out as the premier choice. Offering fixed rates, priority access, top-tier service, and unparalleled convenience, the HeliCard Program transforms the way passengers experience helicopter travel. In contrast, on demand helicopter charters, while flexible for occasional use, can come with higher costs and less predictability. Choose the HeliCard Program to guarantee your future travel convenience. 

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