HeliFlite & The New York Post: The Miami Boat Show

February 20, 2024

Highs & Lows. Private helipads and personal submarines drive deals in Miami

HeliFlite was recently featured by the New York Post in their article, Highs & Lows Private helipads and personal submarines drive deals in Miami as this year’s Miami Boat Show wraps. The article touches on the growing trend of luxury real estate properties in Downtown Miami featuring exclusive amenities such as helipads and seaplane bases. In Miami’s District 11, the newly developed E11even Hotel and Residences boasts a private helipad on its 65th floor, exclusively for use by its residents. 

But these high-end residences aren’t the only place you can land a helicopter in the heart of Miami. Directly on Biscayne Bay, facing Miami Beach is the One Thousand Museum by Zaha Hadid, which also features a helipad, the first of its kind in Miami. This new focus on access by helicopter also extends to the newly renovated Watson Island Seaplane Base, where HeliFlite has preferred access to land and depart. Watson Island is located just minutes from both downtown Miami and Miami Beach. The ability to land and depart from the Seaplane Base allows for quick and efficient travel to nearby islands, airports, superyachts, and more. 

Whether you’re heading for a business meeting or enjoying a well-deserved vacation, HeliFlite ensures your journey is just as extraordinary as your destination. Check us out in the Miami section of the latest New York Post or read on below.

Originally published in The New York Post Miami section, in print by David Kaufman

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