Private Helicopter Travel for First Time Fliers

June 8, 2022

Flying thousands of feet in the air is an exhilarating experience for all, especially first-time fliers. Add in a stunning aerial view of the land below and the freedom to travel to where you need to be on your own schedule, a helicopter becomes the ideal way to travel. If you are tired of bumper-to-bumper traffic, cramped ride-sharing, or the delays of commercial airlines, it might be time to try private helicopter travel with HeliFlite.

We understand that while gearing up for your first helicopter flight can be exciting, you might have some questions. At HeliFlite, we are here for you every step of the way. Our flight coordinators will assist with the closest landing location to your final destination, arrange ground transportation, or handle special pet arrangements.

✓ Intro program for private helicopter travel

With HeliFlite, you can book a single private charter for you and up to 8 other passengers. We can depart from three of the most popular helipads in New York City and take you to your destination on your schedule. You can avoid the crowds of rideshare and the frustrations of traffic for as little as $2,300 plus taxes and fees from NYC to the local airports.

Once you’re hooked, our Introductory HeliCard Program will provide new clients with preferred pricing and guaranteed availability for your private helicopter travel. 

Whether you’re a regular commuter or an occasional flier, we have a program to suit you.

First time flyers enjoying private helicopter travel with HeliFlite

✓ Safety at HeliFlite

We have the largest fleet of twin-engine, dual-piloted luxury helicopters on the East Coast; and a crew in which most are ex-military with extensive experience in NYC airspace.  Our safety culture is based on a Safety Management System, which is an organization-wide, comprehensive, and proactive approach to safety management. Our procedures, standards, and best practices come from decades of aviation expertise. HeliFlite’s in-house Safety Manager, along with a dedicated safety team, are focused on managing risk and continuous improvement.  During our 25+ year history, we proudly boast over 55,000 hours of accident-free, incident-free, flight hours.

HeliFlite delivers the industry’s highest safety standards in aviation. In addition to our company safety standards, we undergo regular audits by leading aviation safety firms ARG/US International Inc. and Wyvern, as well as independent accredited auditors. 

When you book with HeliFlite, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you are in the hands of experienced experts whose sole responsibility is to get you where you need to be in the safest, and most comfortable way possible.  We believe when it comes to the safety of our passengers and their families, there is no compromise.

A HeliFlite pilot performing a safety check before a private helicopter charter

✓ Fly in comfort

Our luxury helicopters can comfortably seat up to nine passengers. Each time you board, you can be certain that our highly trained pilots will make the best decisions to ensure a safe, comfortable flight. All you need to do is sit back in your plush leather seat, relax with your favorite magazine, snack, or beverage, and enjoy your flight.

If you’re connecting to another flight or meeting a jet, our team will coordinate to ensure your transfer is as seamless as possible. We work to alleviate any of the usual stresses of airline transfers so you can sit back and relax.

To book your first flight or get more details on our private helicopter travel Introductory Program for new clients, email Carolyn Marino at

Private helicopter travel comfort and amenities

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