Guaranteed availability at a lower cost per hour.

Whether you fly on a regular basis or from time to time, discover HeliFlite’s HeliCard™ program. We can customize the right solution for your personal or business needs.

For those who may not have previously considered flying private before but now find it to be a safer alternative for their families, the HeliCard™ is an attractive option.

The stress-free alternative Helicopter Charter to The Hamptons

We provide a safer way to fly by reducing your exposure to health and security risks, avoiding hundreds of touch points and interactions that come with shared ride air travel programs and commercial travel.

If you’re tired of sitting in traffic, next to someone you’ve never met, preset flight times, busy waiting areas, or the stress of trying to get where you need to be on time – consider a HeliCard™. A stress-free, easy alternative to air travel and a variety of executive cabin class, twin engine, dual pilot, helicopters to choose from.

Our clients enjoy a wealth of benefits that deliver value for their business or family. We combine the advantages of peace of mind, guaranteed availability, and a lower cost per hour, along with a higher standard of service.

In addition, our quiet, comfortable cabins and plush leather seats, offer the finest for an exceptionally comfortable and relaxing flight.

Available 24/7

Our dedicated flight operations team is available 24/7 and is dedicated to serving you.

You can expect exceptional communication, attention to detail, logistical planning with FAA licensed dispatchers, and highly trained crew members with thousands of hours of flight time and experience flying in NYC airspace.

A HeliCard is convenient because it allows you to purchase prepaid flight time. One easy payment funds your account and gives you immediate access to booking a flight. The HeliCard™ locks in rates for the term of your agreement without any significant financial commitment, capital investment or price changes linked to seasonality. When your card starts to get low, reload your account and voila, you’re airborne again.

You can forget about all the disadvantages of booking and purchasing a flight, since the HeliCard will allow you to always have an aircraft ready to take you whenever you need it. A time-saving travel alternative that offers privacy, efficiency, and access to your favorite destinations on your terms.

Simply call or email us with your scheduling details and we’ll take care of the rest.

1. Purchase prepaid flight time

2. Lock in rates for the term of your agreement
3. Get immediate access to your flight

4. Get airborne!

Our HeliCard™ program
When you need it. Guaranteed.

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