Personalized to Serve You

On Demand Charter & HeliCard

For the occasional or first-time helicopter user, HeliFlite offers on-demand charter. Because we have a fleet of aircraft operating throughout the Northeast, we can provide charter services with very little notice.  We are one of the largest fleet operators on the East Coast, and the only company that offers the Leonardo AW139 for charter.  We always have a crew on call for those last-minute trips and our FAA licensed dispatchers are as well.  We can get you where you need to be, when you need to be there. 

For more frequent travelers, the HeliCard™ offers an attractive option. Our clients enjoy a guaranteed availability at a lower cost per hour.  We’re not going to charge you more for guaranteed availability, instead we will save you money – just because you’re our client and we want to thank you for your business.

With the HeliCard™, you purchase a number of hours, depending on your usage. There is no capital investment or long-term commitment. The HeliCard program – When you need it.  Guaranteed.

Aircraft Management

Whether you own a helicopter, or plan to purchase one, HeliFlite can manage it for you. We’ll take care of everything for you – from pilots and maintenance technicians, to hangar space and insurance, all you need to do is call us when you’re ready to go.

We provide scale economies that reduce pilot and maintenance costs. And because HeliFlite has a fleet of helicopters and a pool of highly qualified pilots, you’ll always enjoy guaranteed availability – even when your pilots are on vacation or your aircraft is in maintenance.  HeliFlite is centrally located at Newark Int’l Airport, allowing less time on the aircraft, thus reducing your maintenance costs.  And since we’re only a short hop from Manhattan, we’ll be at your pick-up location before you can hang up the phone.

We are the only choice for aircraft management because that’s what we do.  Our reputation for quality maintenance, flight operations and superb customer service is what you’ll receive when you choose HeliFlite for your aircraft management solution.

Corporate Programs

HeliFlite provides innovative solutions for flight departments and corporations looking to reduce capital expenditures and operating costs, while still maintaining the responsiveness, flexibility and confidentiality to satisfy the needs of their executives.  We understand corporate aviation and its unique service, safety and security needs. Our Supplemental Lift Program provides access to our entire fleet of executive helicopters without the financial commitment of traditional programs.

  • Access to a variety of executive cabin class helicopters.
  • Dual piloted & Twin turbine engine reliability
  • Simultaneous usage of multiple aircraft
  • Dedicated 24/7 customer service team
  • Scheduling with FAA licensed dispatchers