Aircraft Management

Whether you own a helicopter, or plan to purchase one, HeliFlite can manage it for you.

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Reduce costs, and increase convenience

Your helicopter represents a significant capital asset that requires routine and systematic maintenance to sustain its value and keep it running.

We provide scale economies that reduce pilot and maintenance costs.

And because HeliFlite has a fleet of helicopters and a pool of highly qualified pilots, you’ll always enjoy guaranteed availability – even when your pilots are on vacation or your aircraft is in maintenance.

Technical excellence

Our technicians are trained and experienced to take care of your aircraft and will work with your schedule on the most convenient time to conduct routine maintenance so it’s available for your needs.

Another key advantage is our location. HeliFlite is centrally located in Kearny, NJ, allowing less time on the aircraft, thus reducing your maintenance costs.

We offer a turn-key solution that covers a long list of services

Aircraft scheduling

Aircraft maintenance

FAA compliance services

Insurance discounts

Pilot services and training

Aircraft record keeping

Safety Management Systems and more…

Your personal valet

This comprehensive solution is probably the most important benefit of aircraft management as it reduces the overall cost of ownership, improves reliability and safety, saves time and hassle, and ensures that your helicopter is always in good hands.

And since we’re just a short hop from Manhattan, we’ll be at your pick-up location before you can hang up the phone.

Wherever, whenever

HeliFlite’s Scheduling and Dispatch team are FAA licensed dispatchers and available for you – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

They will arrange your flight, coordinate with a business jet or ground transportation, provide recommendations on locations to land closest to your final destination and make sure every attention is given to the smallest detail.

They are in constant communication with our aircraft owners handling last minute changes, flight following with an executive assistant or providing weather updates as needed. Whether you require special catering, reading materials, or family pet handling – HeliFlite is able to meet your needs.

We are the only choice for aircraft management because that’s what we do.

Our reputation for quality maintenance, flight operations and superb customer service is what you’ll receive when you choose HeliFlite for your aircraft management solution.